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KeyMacro is a cool and comprehensive utility for keyboard shortcuts.
KEYMACRO enables you to access your most-used keyboard shortcuts with ease and convenience.

RAR.WinRAR is designed to be a safe, reliable and efficient file archiver with the following features:
– Password protection of archive volumes, directories, and files
– Continually monitors archive volumes for any changes
– Allows users to select and extract any part of an archive
– Archive volumes are always checked for integrity when adding, changing or extracting data
– The archive is opened with a standard application when extracted
– Can safely add to and extract from archives of any type
– Extraction of any volume from the archive is performed immediately, with no pause or delay
– Archive files are extracted and no copy of any data is made
– Cross-platform. RAR.WinRAR works with Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems

PocketWizard Review: PocketWizard is a professional wireless lighting tool for filmmakers.
PocketWizard is the go-to wireless lighting tool for professionals and up-and-coming filmmakers who work on smaller budget projects. PocketWizard is an affordable, professional lighting tool that makes controlling and remotely programming your lighting gear a breeze.
Support for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic, and Red and Nissin.

PEAR Catalog 1.5.0 is a listing database application that is ideal for cataloging products for your store, and it has the following features:
Searchable by SKU, ISBN, Name, Description, Author, Brand, Color, Price, as well as Stock/Backorder status
Export any listing to a CSV or XML file
Add multiple items at once (batch upload)
Create custom fields for products
Use images and text for product images
Display images and text for product descriptions
Use videos and music for product descriptions
Markdown/Rich Text Format product descriptions
Use different markup options for product images

Anagram Maker 3.1.7 is an excellent utility application for generating scrambled text with cool & anagram features. There are over 1000 anagrams listed in the database. This is the 3rd update of the application.
This is a real time Scrambler!
Anagram Maker is an easy-to-use application that uses a real-time scrambler to create cool & funny scrambled phrases, text, and names, so you can play a game of Scramble!
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It’s an open source password manager with a unique approach that lets you create complex passwords without creating an endless stream of random characters.
Password generators:
• 8 different generators including Customizable, Secure, Lofi, 4 random, KeyShift, Long and Short
• Customizable: allows you to set the types of characters you want the generator to generate (Digit, Letter, Number, Special, Symbol, punctuation, CapsLock, Shift)
• Secure: allows you to create a secure random password that is unique and will not repeat itself.
• Lofi: allows you to create an infinite loop of the same password, which creates a unique password that will never repeat itself
• 4 random: picks four random characters from the available options
• KeyShift: allows you to shift the type of characters you want to generate by two positions
• Long: creates a password that is long in length, and will never repeat itself
• Short: creates a password that is short in length, and will never repeat itself
• Long words: automatically adds the long words to your list of long passwords
• Reverse words: automatically adds the reversed words to your list of long passwords
• KeyA -> KeyZ: automatically adds the corresponding characters to your list of long passwords
• Create: creates a random password using a single character
• Editor: allows you to edit the generated password
• Length: allows you to increase or decrease the length of the generated password
• Your data: allows you to save the generated password in your clipboard
• Standard: allows you to choose one of the preset values for the type of characters you want to generate (Digit, Letter, Number, Special, Symbol, CapsLock, Shift)
• Configurable: allows you to set the type of characters you want the generator to generate (Digit, Letter, Number, Special, Symbol, Punctuation, CapsLock, Shift)
• Complex: automatically removes the simple passwords and adds the complex passwords to your list of complex passwords. If you have too many complex passwords, it will remove some of the most common passwords.
Multi-factor authentication:
• Use Touch ID/Face ID: gives you the opportunity to use Touch ID/Face ID in order to open your password manager
• Use your app’s fingerprints: gives you the opportunity to use the Apple Pay feature in your app to confirm the identity of the user
• Use a card or a personal keychain: enables you to add an NFC card or

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