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    Volunteer for Us

    This is your chance to join our fight, a fight we hope becomes of million others, and help us eradicate the problems faced by women in our society.

    Join hands with us, campaign for us, spread the word amongst family and friends, your respective organizations, and on social media. Let’s work together.

    As a Champion, you’ll get:

    • Insider updates about the young women you’re helping and the campaigns your support is helping to fund
    • Priority access to our active challenges, plus exclusive discounts
    • Tips and ideas to help you plan fun and fundraising celebrations throughout the year
    • Opportunities to volunteer at events promoting Solace for Women Trust
    • Invitations to events
    • The chance to get stuck in and make a real difference in our cause

    If you would like to volunteer with us, become our Champion, please click here.

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